Sunday, December 9, 2012

Yummy Drinks for Christmas Breakfast, Hot Chocolate, Eggnog and Hot Spiced Cider Recipes Are Here

'Tis the season for delicious hot drinks....even Eggnog, Hot Spiced Cider and Hot Chocolate!  And since at least one of these is your favorite seasonal drink we wanted to share some recipes that we found with you.  I'm going to make up a batch of hot chocolate and hot spiced cider for Christmas morning. The eggnog I'll drink while waiting for Christmas day to arrive. Hope you find a recipe here that will become a new family that you just can't be without! Merry Christmas!

  These peppermint eggnog milkshake shots sound amazing for a Christmas get-together.  Just the right size and peppermint too!  Get the recipe HERE

Yes, Nutella and Eggnog together....The perfect drink for any Nutella fans out there.  
Get the recipe HERE

How about some Eggnog Punch with vanilla ice cream and other yummy ingredients?
  Get the recipe HERE

Have you ever made your own eggnog? Start a new tradition this year!
Get the recipe HERE

Here's a Paula Deen recipe that's been changed by her sons--Lighter Eggnog. 
 Get the recipe HERE

This homemade spiced cider includes whip cream and caramel. Sounds so yummy!  (You use the caramel topping to coat a portion of the inside of the cup right before pouring in the cider!) 
Get the recipe HERE  

Here's a recipe for slow cooker hot spiced apple cider. (don't you love the convenience of cooking in a slow cooker?)  It has an orange in it too. Get the recipe HERE

If you're a fan of cranberries you might want to try this Spiced Cranberry-Apple Cider. 
 Get the recipe HERE

This caramel apple cider recipe makes a easy caramel sauce that you mix right in with the apple cider. Instructions for slow cooker, oven or stove top methods. Get the recipe HERE

Here's another hot spiced apple cider recipe that's a little different than those above but you can also cook it in the crock pot. Get the recipe HERE

Oh yummy, yummy yummy!  This hot chocolate recipe has white chocolate chips and milk chocolate chips along with some other yummy things. Gotta Try this one! Love that they put both marshmallows and whip cream on top!  This is a Must Do Recipe!  Get the recipe HERE

And for a over-the-top cup of hot chocolate how about a chocolate, peppermint marshmallow on a stick. This is a recipe for a homemade marshmallow (they don't look that hard to make) but they also give the recipe for what you see above so you could use store bought marshmallows....anyway it is sure to kick-up your hot chocolate.
 Get the recipe HERE

Creamy hot chocolate (homemade)  The only thing that you may not have in your kitchen right now is the half and half. Sounds amazing!  Get the recipe HERE

This mint hot chocolate is from Williams Sonoma (I love that store) Easy to make but so delicious!    Have you tried their peppermint bark (on the plate above)  It is to die for!  A few days before Christmas and after Christmas you can sometimes get it for half price. Get the recipe HERE  

Here's something so sweet for hot chocolate--it's a chocolate covered peppermint stick (white chocolate) So now you need never serve plain hot chocolate!  Get the recipe HERE

This Belgian Hot Chocolate Recipe is from Wittamer, one of the best chocolate shops in Brussels. And let me tell you, there’s plenty of competition in that town. We found it on the David Lebovitz site. This one is a special one....perfect for Christmas. Get the recipe HERE

This Caramel Swirled Hot Chocolate drink is just a little different.  There's a milk chocolate bar in the recipe plus caramel whip cream. There's no milk within the hot chocolate itself.  Get the recipe HERE

Here's another trick that will add something special to your hot chocolate.... hot chocolate spoons. The chocolate and peppermint one would be perfect for the holidays.  Get all the details/recipe HERE


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