Thursday, November 15, 2012

What To Do with Leftover Turkey & Potatoes-Tons of Recipes for Turkey and 50 for Potatoes

Okay, I realize that we haven't even had Thanksgiving why am I posting some fabulous ideas for leftovers?  Because you know you're going to have them, especially turkey. I love turkey, stuffing, potatoes and gravy but after a few days I'm ready for a change....but there's still turkey to eat. You could freeze it and have it at a later time or you could make up something equally delicious for the family using your leftovers. Below are recipes for leftover turkey AND potatoes. check them out.

Yes, you read that right, 50 mashed potato recipes. Take your leftover potatoes and add  some yummy ingredients for a totally new dish.  Click HERE to see all 50 recipes

Click  Here for these top 10 recipes for leftovers. One of these may become your family's new favorite recipe! Try one, try all!

Doesn't this turkey pot pie look delicious.  Click HERE to get the recipe

Or this turkey pot pie from Paula Deen. She uses puff pastry for the topping and doesn't it look delicious!  Click HERE for the recipe. There's even a video to show exactly how it's done. 

This "Bird to the last drop" turkey vegetable soup looks amazing! Click HERE for the recipe

Potato Croquettes (I've never tried them) look yummy. Leftover potatoes can be delicious served entirely different. Click HERE for the recipe

Kick up your turkey sandwich by adding avocado, cheese, bacon etc.  Click HERE for the recipe

These turkey spring rolls sound like a nice change of pace. Click HERE for the recipe

Click HERE for the top 10 recipes for turkey leftovers over at  Taste of Home

Click HERE for 58 recipes for turkey leftovers at

Click HERE for the top 20 recipes for turkey leftovers at

Click HERE for tons of recipes for turkey leftovers from Betty Crocker

If you still haven't found the perfect recipe just Google "leftover turkey recipes" 

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