Monday, October 22, 2012

Halloween Sign-The Haunted Mansion-Enter if you Dare!

 I've wanted to make this sign for Halloween ever since I saw something similar on Pinterest last Halloween. Determined to get it made this year I started the project at the end of September. My husband (Builder Chad) and I went to our local Habitat store and picked up some of the supplies we needed to build the sign. (see list & prices below)

Head over to our Etsy shop to get the vinyl lettering for this sign.  Click HERE

 The sign and post were painted an antique white. The edges were sanded and then stained with a walnut stain. A hole was drilled in each side of the sign and a chain was added.

Here's a close-up. The sign is made out of a 4x4 fence post and a handrail newel. Builder Chad used a skill saw to cut the notch in the 4x4 to receive the squarel end of the newel . It was painted, sanded and stained it to look old. To put it into the ground some holes were drilled in the bottom of the post and then some pieces of steel rebar were inserted into the holes. He left enough extending out of the post so it could be put into the ground. (actually that was my idea....I thought it was brilliant since it meant no one would have to dig a hole...yeah, I've been known to have a good idea every once in a while)

I knew I was making the sign this year so I got to the local dollar store as soon as they put out their Halloween things so I could get these crows. (I couldn't find any last year)

I hope these dollar store crows hold up in our weather. We may be getting some snow this week.  Well, only time will tell. So let's recap.....Beam $3.00, Newel $2.00, Crows $3.00, Chains $3.00,  Paint (already had it) Stain (already had it)  Get the vinyl over in our Etsy shop

I love having this as part of our outside Halloween decorations. I just hope it doesn't end up in someone else's yard. No, just kidding....but I did have a 4 ft. plastic Christmas Tigger disappear from my front yard one Christmas....and Winnie the Pooh has been down in storage ever since. (poor Pooh)

Head over to our Etsy shop to get the vinyl lettering for this fun Halloween sign.  Click HERE


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  1. I found the same Dollar Store crows and bought as many as I could find! Exactly what I was looking for. I used them in my Spooky Tree tutorial

  2. Super cute!! What is the band and color name of the paint? Just the color I have been wanting to paint my cupboards!!

    1. I believe it is an antique white. Have fun painting your cupboards!