Monday, October 8, 2012

Halloween Decorations- Ghosts, Pumpkins, Creepy Halloween Labels and More!

Here's more fun Halloween decorations for indoor and out.  It's great when you can take Halloween decorations that you already have and give them a new twist. I love the gauze on the fireplace below. The outdoor ghosts are inexpensive to make.  The twine pumpkins are jazzed up by just adding Christmas lights.  All of these projects can be done very inexpensively.....especially if you shop the Goodwill stores for the accessories.

Love the gauze draping/banner and it is so cheap. The pumpkins look great too.   The Project Girl

Save bottles from condiments, oil, wine etc. Get more details at  Instructables

Then download these amazing labels and apply on your newly painted bottles for a great and scary Halloween table.  Here is a post devoted to cool Halloween labels. Click HERE  to see those above and CLICK HERE for more Halloween labels.

 These gnarled and  twisted trees look great in those black urns. Get more Details HERE  The apothecary jars filled with snakes and spiders are great too. 

Halloween ghosts made out of tomato cages are so great. Tomato cages can be purchased at home improvement stores and walmart for about a buck.  Get more details over at the Lowe's Site. Click HERE  Here's Video showing how to make a different Lawn Ghost. Good Details HERE

This cute pumpkin wreath looks very easy. It's the first one I've seen that really looks like a pumpking (instead of being wrapped around the metal ring, it's draped up) More Details 

What a great idea. Take your plain vine pumpkins and add twinkle lights. (Wrap the wire with brown floral tape) These are from  PotteryBarn  See the pumpkins in a great display in the photo below.  Would be more dramatic at night. Could use inside too.

Doesn't this entryway look great! You can do it much cheaper than Pottery Barn. Love the stacked pumpkins.  Just make sure when you go to the pumpkin patch that you stack your pumpkins there, before buying them, to make sure they look good together! 


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