Thursday, September 13, 2012

Part 4 Halloween Party Favors-The Perfect Size for School Parties

This is part 4 of our "pumpkin party favors" (well, we also made pumpkin place cards)  In this project you use the jack-o-lantern paper punch from EK Success and a circle punch. As I was designing it I found that it is just the right size for 1 (and only 1) of the FUN SIZE candy bars/treats.  If you're worried about too much candy for the kids then this is the one you'll want to take to school or use for your children's Halloween party.

Use any color of cardstock 3" wide x 8" long and score and/or fold on the 3.5" line and the 4.5" line.  This scoring board really makes measuring and scoring easy! (Available at most craft stores-Martha Stewart) You'll find it will come in handy for lots of other craft projects.  You can get 4 pumpkin boxes out of one piece of scrapbook paper that measures 12x12.

 Slide your paper all the way down into the paper punch. Discard the face pieces unless you are making our other Pumpkin Box. Find Part 3 HERE

Use a 2 1/4" round paper punch to cut the pumpkin face into a circle and then cut out a circle of a different color. Cut out a stem and tendril.  Curl, the tendril around a pencil, crochet hook or knitting needle....anything small in diameter.

I love the Drippy Goo edger from Martha Stewart. It's perfect for Halloween.  If you don't have the edger just leave the edge straight.  

 Glue the pumpkin piece onto the front of the box and then staple the two pieces of paper together at the top. Hide the staple with the stem and tendril.  The sample above has been inked. Slide the edge of the pumpkin face in an ink pad.  I used a Q-tip to ink the inside edge of the face. You can ink the tendril and stem too. I found the Q-tips from the dollar store work really well....they don't have as much cotton on the end as the name brand. 

The Fun Size candy bars and treats fits nicely into this box....and best of all it is just 1 treat. Come Halloween day the kids have usually had their share of candy!  If you're afraid the candy might fall out you could put a drop of glue or tape on the candy but don't make it too hard for the kids to get the candy out of the pumpkin box.

Be sure to check out Part 1, (pumpkin party favors)  Part 2 (pumpkin place card) and Part 3 (pumpkin party favors) of our Jack-o-Lantern paper punch series. Four different creative ways to use one punch to make something fun for your Halloween party at home or at school

Oh, by the way, if you want to change this pumpkin party favor box into a Halloween place card,  (or you just want to put a name on each party favor) just insert two pieces of scrapbook paper about 1/4" to 1/2" thick  into the side and add a name.



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