Sunday, September 2, 2012

Halloween Decorations Spider Webs out of Barbed Wire? So Very Cool!

Time for some very unique decorations for Halloween.  This designer offers some things I've never seen before but definitely love! They like to use as many re-claimed, re-purposed and salvaged  materials as possible in their creations, especially reclaimed barbed wire. You'll want to see everything they have in their Etsy shop, especially the things below.

A spider web for your outside decor and a spider web for your inside decor!

And you'll want a spider for that web.....How about this cool witch and tree? My very favorite is the corner spider webs. They would definitely be a fabulous item to add to your collection of Halloween decorations. Head on over to The Dusty Raven Gallery  to get one, or two, for yourself.


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