Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Amazing Halloween Costumes for Girls-Favorite Disney Characters and More

(Posting this a little early....so you can gather your thoughts/ideas and shop for materials and supplies--What a great feeling to get the Halloween Costumes done early!)  

It can be a difficult decision...deciding what to be for Halloween. We've found some darling costumes below that all have the same thing in common---The base of each costume is a tutu. Most of these can be purchased on Etsy if you prefer to purchase your costume. If not, we've given you some great ideas for a precious costume for your little girls.

 Little Red Riding Hood-Sparkle Box                           Pirate

Tinkerbell                                 Pirate

   Dorothy                             ScareCrow    
Witch                                    Candy Corn

Queen of Hearts-Sparkle Box                     Audrey Hepburn,

 Black Cat                          Snow White-Sparkle Box

Pocahontas,                      Angel

Alice in Wonderland-Sparkle Box                   Rapunzel-Sparkle Box

   Autumn Glory Faerie               Toddler Witch Costume

   Witch Tutu Costume                     Cat Tutu Costume

    Glitter Witch                    Storybook Witch

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To see Ideas for 101 Halloween Costumes CLICK HERE  and to see some darling Halloween Costumes for Toddlers CLICK HERE


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  1. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these costumes! Thanks for sharing such great ideas. :)

  2. Great costume designs, really looking forward to the Halloween period.

  3. These costumes would definitely be loved by little kids! It's no surprise that it's easier to find great costumes like these on the internet nowadays.

  4. Wonderful blog, all the costumes are beautiful, the children are so cute, today I want to try the style of Audrey Hepburn