Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Yummy Bread Recipes for Bread Lovers Everywhere!

I will admit it that if I was stranded on a tropical island and could only have two things....Yes one would be bread, and chocolate would be the other thing.  I've had bread with white chocolate and pecans inside and it is delicious!  So it only makes sense that I would do a post about bread!  I've just recently started making bread. One is an oatmeal bread that is so yummy.  It seems like it would be difficult to make your own bread but once you get going you'll find it isn't hard at all.  It's just like anything....the more you do it, the better you can do it.  I hope you find at least one bread recipe below that you love!

If this recipe is even close to the Magleby's roll then it will be delicious! Gotta Try it (Magleby's is a fabulous restaurant in Utah County) Find the recipe over at Freida Loves Bread

A homemade roll recipe that is better than Rhodes Bread? You don't have to wait for the bread dough to thaw out, says the author. Directions for making hamburger and hot dog buns using this recipe. Gotta make this one!  Freida Loves Bread

Sliders are very popular right now sand here is the perfect homemade bun for your Sliders PLUS a Slider Bar with great ideas and ingredients   Freida Loves Bread

One of my favorite breads from Harmon's bakery is this white chocolate pecan bread, in fact I have to only buy it occasionally because I would probably eat the whole thing myself. And so I was happy to see this recipe. If you don't make this bread then head on over to Harmon's to get one. Their bread is fabulous!  Find this recipe over at  Freida Lovs Bread

Ciabatta bread makes fabulous sandwiches. I like using it for our meatball sandwiches.  Freida Loves Bread

And now to shake it up a bit....these chocolate crunch quesadillas sound wonderful. Freida Loves Bread

Here's a soft, sweet whole wheat bread with a taste of chocolate. (She's put together chocolate and bread....I'm in heaven)  Freida Loves Bread

Who doesn't like bread sticks with pizza, soup, salad or anytime!   Freida loves Bread

Soft Pretzels and Caramel Sauce-Yummy!   Freida Loves Bread

I've tried this (knock-off) Pizza Factory Breadsticks recipe and it's really good. The perfect addition to your soup, salad or pizza night. I found that one frozen roll was enough for each breadstick-recipe calls for two. (buy the wooden dowels at any craft store or Home Depot)  Recipe Exchange  

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