Monday, July 9, 2012

Design Your Own Reading Nook for the Kids!

Maybe if there is a special "reading space" for the kids they might actually want to read? Wouldn't that be wonderful..... Their very own reading space with their favorite books inside.  We've found a few reading nooks for you to see. Is there a small space in your home that can be turned into a child's reading nook?

This reading nook was made out of unusable space in this house. The shelves, bean bag and curtains make this an irresistible reading space for your kids. These Moments of Mine   Have you checked out the "rain gutter" bookshelves" They are so much fun for the kids library and easy to put up. See our post about  Rain Gutter Shelves  The wall quote above the shelves in the photo is available in our Etsy Shop....Click HERE 

It's a bed, it's a reading nook. With the addition of the curtains you could just remove the closet doors and have this darling hide-a-way! (You might be able to use a tension rod for the curtains)   Less than perfect life of bliss

Another bedroom/reading nook. All your favorite books are within reading. I love the overhead lighting too.  Accent on Design

Love this larger room with all the shelves for books and a big comfy bed. Close the curtains and you've got all the privacy you need.  House Beautiful

Make a library for the kids reading nook. Put this design on the large blank wall you have. Everything will be organized so nicely.   Feathered Nest Interiors  

Click HERE to see this darling reading nook/bedroom for a little boy-Lots of great photos

First, I love the window and second, it is a great space for a reading nook with lots of natural light.  Books can be placed on the left and right of the seat.  SOURCE

Use the space in your attic wisely with this bedroom/reading nook/hide-a-way!  Excellent use of space and look at all the storage.  See more photos of this fabulous room HERE

What little girl wouldn't want this reading nook. Shelves like this are available at IKEA (minus the embellishments)  If you know someone that's handy with wood you could make these two overhead pieces. IKEA also has something similar to the two large leaves over the pillows too.    The Sky's the Limit Design

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