Thursday, May 31, 2012

Tips for Cooking with Kids-Teach Your Kids to Cook This Summer!

With summer vacation here you're going to have more time with the kids and what could be a more perfect A summer cooking school? . There are a lot of really good cookbooks for know, the ones with the kid friendly photos. They get kids excited about cooking. Nothing's better than being able to have your kids go into the kitchen and make something you've taught them.  Let's face it.....we all have to eat and one day when the kids leave home they'll be on their own and if they know how to cook/bake they may be more inclined to cook for themselves rather then eat the fast food.(just maybe)  Cooking is a skill they will use the rest of their life. Let's have fun with it!

Click over to  Be Inspired Mama to see all 25 tips for cooking with kids.

On the web site  On the web site "Lil Sugar" (mommy's little helper)  You'll find the links to
  7 Websites that Inspire cooking with Kids

Cooking Tips from Williams Sonoma Sharing The Kitchen

Cooking Tips from Williams Sonoma Skills by Age

Cooking Tips from Williams Sonoma Safety Tips for Kids

Here's a fun site called "Cooking With My Kids" that has a lot of great recipes that are kids friendly

There's 36 Kid Friendly Recipes over at Martha Stewart

 Williams Sonoma Kids Baking   |  Williams Sonoma Sweet Treats
 Crate and Barrel Christmas Cooking with Kids  |  Williams Sonoma Fun Food
Here are some of my "Kid" cookbooks. They are all great. Let the kids look through the books and mark (with sticky note) which recipes they want to make. When they're excited about making something that looks good to them you'll have a hard time KEEPING them out of the kitchen. Now you've got yourself a little chef! 
 Below are 8 recipes out of the Williams Sonoma cookbooks

Great Guacamole  |  Old Fashioned Hot Chocolate  |  Lasagna  |  Peanut Butter Bars

   Sugar Cookies  |  Peanut Butter Panini  |   Chocolate Pancakes |  Cheesy Macaroni


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