Friday, May 25, 2012

These Aren't Ordinary Vegetable Plates/Centerpieces!-Fabulous Displays

How to get the family to eat more veggies? One way is to make them fun! Instead of just putting them on a plate make a fun centerpiece out of your veggies. Use vegetables as containers for the I always say, we eat with our eyes first!  Below are some fun things to do with veggies,m plus a link for 14 videos that show you how to arrange and carve videos.  Good luck on your quest to get the family to eat more vegetables!

Such a cute way to display vegetables and so many different ones.  Get more details

This vegetable centerpiece is doubling as a veggie cake. Such a great idea.

Love the look of this one. I've used a cabbage as a cup for the dip and it looks great and is easy to do. Use some of the outer leaves around the base. When you're done with the veggie tray just slice up the
cabbage and make some coleslaw. Eddie Ross

I liked the simplicity of this vegetable plate, especially liked the dips inside the peppers. It is a great idea to use the vegetables as bowls or cups.  Click HERE

This vegetable tray would be perfect for your Thanksgiving table. 

These vintage berry boxes are a great way to display vegetables. There's the hollowed out cabbage for dips again.  You could  use any type of berry box for this cute arrangement

Another simple idea but now the vegetables become the main centerpiece down the center of the table.  Bowls of dip are placed within reach of your guests. 

Looks like you're using every vegetable there is for this centerpiece. Squash is the base with flowers made out of fruits and vegetables. (no tutorial) 

Isn't this a beautiful centerpiece... Tonya Staab

This vegetable centerpiece is all about asparagus-wrapped around the flower vase and then used as a place card holder. So cute!  Better Homes and Garden

So pretty! For an edible arrangement replace the roses and smaller flowers with vegetables and fill the artichoke with dip instead of a candle. Love the veggies wrapped around the candles.  Divine Party Concepts

Want to know how the professionals arrange and carve vegetables?  Here are 14 different videos for you to select from.  It's a mini class from home!


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