Monday, April 16, 2012

Party Decorations: Pretty and Inexpensive!

Have you used crepe paper or tissue paper as a party decoration before? I'm sure you have. But have you ever used  multiple colors as a backdrop, or dyed it to get a specific color or made a pretty flower to use as a table runner or a centerpiece? All these fun things are shown below.

Crepe  paper is so affordable, only $1 a roll.  The rolls at Hobby Lobby are $1 and you get more per roll. How easy is this. Just unroll the crepe paper for a lovely backdrop in the shade your heart desires Martha Stewart

I love this crepe paper idea. If you can't find the perfect crepe paper color just dye a white roll the perfect color. (Maybe you could dye each side a different color?) See how it's done over at  Dandee

Such a pretty crepe paper flower. The instructions make it look easy. Don't confuse this with the tissue paper pompoms, it's different and definitely cuter!  Head on over to   It's In The Details 

These tissue paper flowers are different than the ones you've seen before. You don't fold the tissue paper to make these.  They are easier (in my opinion) to make.  Head on over to FISKARS to see the way these are made. Perfect for a table runner at your next party

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  1. Wow, theres some nice links there - where do you find them all? I’m going to read all those through in detail and apply a few.. Thanks for sharing!
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  2. These sure are great ideas for party decorations! Thanks for sharing the ideas as well as the links. Truly helpful!