Monday, April 9, 2012

{Gotta See} Snowman Bits and Pieces (Snowman Kit)

I know this project requires snow but I could hardly wait to share it. I put it here on my blog so that when it does snow you can come back and check in on the directions and get started on yours.....or better yet make it up before it snows and you'll be ready. Would make a wonderful neighbor gift! (I love having a little bit of time to think over a project and gather supplies. You can get them cheap if you have time to shop the sales and to try to make this up during the December rush would be crazy)  Hop on over to the blogs for more information and more cute photos....

The snowman bits and pieces included in this kit would make an amazing dressed up snowman! Below are more photos but you need to go to the blog where this was shown to get all the details and possibly leave a comment about how much you love this!

As you can see many were made and all are very cute!  There's also a tutorial for making this cute hat that you won't want to miss-it makes it easy when you have instructions and photos. Yeah, You can do it

 Just add a cute tag to let people know what exactly it is!

Now go to the 2 blogs where all these sweetness can be foundClick Here for one tutorial (You'll want to see how smart she was when she made her snowman nose)  and there's another tutorial on a different blog (her scarf is a bit different) that you will want to check out too. Click Here to see the second one.  All I know is that whoever you give this to will absolutely love it.....Could even wait and give out for Christmas for more fun!  Use your creative imagination to change it up to make it absolutely yours!  Yeah, you've got this!


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  1. Hi There, I was wondering if I could get the image for the tag - the "Just add snow {snowman kit}"? Thanks so much!

  2. HI Kerry, thanks for your message. Unfortunately the author of that blog post didn't include the tag as a freebie. I'm assuming she designed it in photoshop. Thanks