Sunday, March 25, 2012

Tips and Tricks-Kindle-Nook-iPad Case, Citrus Cleaner, Creamsicle Fudge and more

Have you ever tried Creamsicle Fudge? Made a homemade citrus cleaner?  Spilled nail polish on furniture or carpet?  Do you have  a Nook, Kindle or iPad? We ALL the recipes and answers below.  Okay, enjoy! I'm off to make the homemade citrus cleaner!

I just happen to have some clementines in my refrigerator (can use oranges too) so I think I'll be making this right away. I love the orange smell for cleaners. Makes the house smell great!  Get all the details Clean Eats in the Zoo

The name says it all.....Fun Photo Bookmarks!  I think this would be a gift that your children would love. A cute photo of themselves that marks their place in their favorite book.  There is a really great photo tutorial so you can make these yourself.  Come Together Kids

Love this idea! Make a holder for your Kindle, Nook or iPad from a hardcover book. All the instructions are available over at Come Together Kids

These Chicken Ranch Tacos sounds delicious!  Ranch dressing can make almost anything taste better. Get the Pedersen Food

I've never had this fudge but with ingredients like marshmallow, white chocolate and orange flavoring....just to name a few....How can you go wrong.  Would be nice change of pace for the fudge-lovers in your family.  Get the Group Recipes

I can tell you a tip that really works. Separate the bananas when you bring them home. When you do this it takes longer for them to start to turn brown.  I've tried it and it works.

What great news! How many times have you spilled nail polish on something only to think you had ruined it! Well, have no fear. Here is a site that tells you how to remove it from carpet, hair, wood and clothing.  BellaSugar

These Spring Hurricane Vases with Burlap Rosette are easy enough to make, with some of the supplies from Hobby Lobby.  Once you have these made you can change out the colored balls or put other decorative items in them for each season.  See the photo tutorial My Hearts Desire

It would be so nice, in the winter, to have some of your fresh herbs-Get all the info on how to prepare the herbs and freeze them for use in your favorite recipes later  Organic Gardening


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  1. Thanks for the shout-out! Great web site!
    Shanti (Clean Eats In The Zoo)

  2. Hello, new follower here! Found you on Pinterest. I would love to have you link up this fabulous post with my Clever Chicks Blog Hop this week!

    I hope to see you there!
    The Chicken Chick

  3. Where does it show how to get the fingernail polish out?

    1. Hello
      click on the words BellaSugar directly under the photo of the fingernail polish. That is the link to the site where we got the information. Thanks