Friday, March 16, 2012

Tips and Tricks-Homemade Cadbury Eggs Recipe (Easter) -Flubber and Crock Pot Ranch Potatoes

More Fun Tips and Tricks for you to look through. Hope some of these tips are helpful in one way or another. 

Get the recipe for homemade Cadbury Eggs-They look very similar and would be a lot cheaper than buying them You could fill the Easter baskets up with these eggs....if you make them yourself.  SOURCE

Put a rainbow in your kitchen with this pained wooden spoons.  Use non toxic paint and non toxic, people friendly shellac.  Get all the Details from "Little Bit Funky"

This is perfect for those of you with limited counter space  They've put their spoons and utensils upon the wall in these cute cans!   (Had the source then lost it-If you know the source let me know)

Take a basic lamp and turn it into something special like this!  Lamps bought a thrift stores or garage sales can also be made into something great!  See the details for this lamp HERE

Another great use of space under the stairs.  SOURCE

Be kind to your knees and elbows while tending to baby in the bath! Plus, keep needed toiletries in easy reach  SOURCE

Homemade Flubber--What fun you will have with the kids----Excellent activity with Easter/Spring break coming up.  SOURCE

Oh Yum!  Crock Pot Ranch Potatoes  give me two reasons to be happy
  (1)  They sound delicious and
 (2) They are cooked a cock pot and that is soooo easy! 

This Home Sweet Home pot full of your favorite flowers is perfect for your front porch.  There's an easy-to-follow Tutorial so let's get to it!   SOURCE

Get the secret to Sparkling Clean Windows. It's CHEAP and really works!  YEA!   SOURCE


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  1. Thank so much for featuring our Window Washing Post. A lot of people seem to have tried it already and really like it. Thanks again for sharing. Lesley and Denise