Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Fabulous Party Food- Lego Men, Homemade Ho-Ho's, Cinnamon Bun Pops, and More

It's so much fun to plan a party when you've got a good idea to run with. Seems like once you pick the theme or the food then the rest of it falls into place.  That's where we come in.....We've found some more party  food ideas to give you the inspiration you need for your up-coming celebration!

Homemade Ho-Ho's? I'm In!  I used to love these as a kid. I don't think they are as good now as they were then. They changed the recipe and not for the better.  Now you can control what goes into this yummy snack by making it yourself.  See the photo TUTORIAL HERE

These Ice Cream Sandwiches are made using chocolate cake mix and a waffle iron-They look delicious! The perfect treat for a summer party. (You could always cut the squares into shapes or circles using a cookie cutter)   SOURCE and RECIPE

Perfect for a little girl's tea party. They are an edible teacup made with cookies, gummi worm rings and ice cream cones. Get more info HERE

Are you planning a brunch? These Cinnamon Sugar Pull Apart Muffins would be Sweet!  SOURCE & RECIPE

Speaking of brunch.....These Cinnamon bun pops bring fun to the meal, especially with a bowl of glaze/frosting on the side!  SOURCE and RECIPE

Using straws for your cake pops adds just a little more fun and color. These straws are very sturdy. Aren't these Oreo Cake Pops adorable!   SOURCE and PARTY  It's a Secret Garden Party-check it out.

This orange chicken is sure to be a hit and the best thing.......You cook it in the crock pot which makes it so easy for you! Frees up your time to do the other things you need to do for your party. SOURCE and RECIPE

Thinking of having a Lego themed party? These chocolate Lego Men will make everyone happy!  Lego has a whole line of kitchen supplies including this ice cube mold.   Click HERE to find out more about Chocolate Lego Men and see more photos.  Here's a source for the Lego Men Ice molds AMAZON.COM 

This cheesy garlic bread looks delicious.  I've been making my own pizza dough and pizzas now for a while and I must admit, I think they taste better than the pizzas we used to order out.  It takes just a few minutes to make the dough.  Garlic bread is always a special treat with pizza.......get this recipe and make it yourself and serve at your get-together or party.  SOURCE & RECIPE

Chocolate and Peanut Butter (Butterfinger candy bars) make a great combination.....Then add in vanilla ice cream and you're just made a delicious dessert to end the night/party.  Super easy SOURCE and RECIPE

What would be more refreshing than a vanilla and sherbet dessert? And it's so cute  SOURCE and RECIPE

This would be very clever and unique for a kids party....Take a pie crust, cut it up to resemble fries, sprinkle with cinnamon and sugar and bake.  The "ketsup" in the photo is actually jam.  I think the kids would love it! To get more info and see more photos of this fun food Click HERE

Check out these puppy cupcakes.....Adorable! They used Nilla Wafers, Nutter Butter cookies and mini M&M's.  Here's the SOURCE

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