Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Cute Ideas for Your Baby Shower-Gotta See!

The birth or a son or a daughter is such a wonderful time to celebrate and we've gathered together some ideas for Baby Showers for baby boys and baby girls to help you with your party. My favorite is the Milk and Cookies theme at the bottom of the post. We've also included some ideas for gifts.  Hopefully you'll be inspired by one or all of the things shown below.

Isn't this a darling cake ......It's made of fondant.  SOURCE

Adorable baby shower onesie banner is the perfect decoration for a baby girl baby shower. It's a kit that's super simple to put together.  Click HERE

 Let's name the baby is a fun baby shower game. Your guests write down their favorite name, nickname and middle name.....Help mom name the baby.  Comes in blue or pink or any color that you need. Click HERE to see more photos.

These sugar cookies are in the shape of a tiny foot. You can buy these from Lori's Place on Etsy.

Get everything you need to throw  a fabulous Baby Shower for a baby girl in our Etsy Shop:
 It's Written on the Wall 

Need party things for a baby boy (Baby Shower)?  We've got you covered there too. A Invitation is included in this printable package.  Everything you need!  Click HERE to see what's included in our Baby Shower Party Printables:  
It's Written on the Wall

This would make a great gift for the mom-to-be. Put the appropriate onesie on your baby for their 6 month, 12 month, 1 year etc birthday photo.  SOURCE

This baby shower  idea is from Fiskars.  Get more information about this party on their web site  SOURCE

If the baby shower is for a girl then this would be a nice centerpiece...You can get all the instructions for carving this cute purse HERE

Here's a watermelon centerpiece that would be good for a girl or a boy baby shower. SOURCE

Diaper Cake-Stork Bundle....  Just look at the presentation....much better than giving a box of diapers.   Baby Binkz

Cute onesie or burp cloth bouquet. Nice way to present your gift.  SOURCE

Twinkie Babies complete with a pacifier and bottle (More of a fun thing than anything else)  I tried and tried to find the source with no luck) 

To me this is the perfect theme for a baby shower, whether it is for a girl or a boy. Click HERE to see more photos of this baby shower.... It's from Half Baked  For a tutorial on how to make the  milk glasses click HERE

If you'd  like to see how to makes these cute motorcycle diaper cakes  (for a very special gift)  head on over to another one of our posts to get the info. Click HERE

These cute flower balloons would be so great for the outdoors. See the TUTORIAL for making these Balloons HERE

One of the cuter diaper cakes I've seen. Love the colors and the handle--fill it up with all the gifts for the mom-to-be  SOURCE

Cute Baby Shower Invitation. See the TUTORIAL HERE

Baby Shower (Slice) cake. All made out of paper and cute baby things.  There's a tutorial and free templates for the cake. See it all HERE

Really fun way to reveal the sex of your unborn baby. Gather friends and family together, have some of the fun food shown above and then let them know whether you are expecting a boy or a girl  SOURCE

I love how the built this darling diaper cake.....The stockings, spoons and teething rings are adorable.  See how it's put together  Really Quite Lucky

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  1. So two ideas I love the most from this post, the milkaholic idea and the numbered onsie for pictures. The milk idea is great as we all know babies love their milk the first year and the second because I think every moment of the babies first year should be documented. You could have a chalk board next to them with what they love the most at each selected month.