Friday, March 9, 2012

Yummy Party Food Ideas and Suggestions, Fondue, Drinks, Cheesecake, Mini Corn Dogs and More Recipes!

Having a party and need some inspiration for party food or an activity? We've found some yummy things that will include everyone in on the fun. It's easy to have a successful party if you provide fun activities and food!  Check out all the ideas below.  One of them just might be perfect for an upcoming party. 

Doesn't this look like fun....for kids especially, but adults too. Personally I would make chocolate cupcakes....only because I'm a chocoholic!  HOW SWEET IT IS

Wouldn't Veggie Man be fun for the kids to put together? I think they would love it.  Just have a photo of Veggie man for them to look at!  Who knows, they might even eat a vegetable! Feeding Four Little Monkeys

The coconut cream cake is one of the yummiest cake recipes. When you poke holes in the top of the cake and put the coconut milk on top it drizzles down inside the cake and make sit moist and yummy. It's another "must have"  The Country Cook

Have a "Baking" party and let the kids help make these PopTarts! You'll definitely be a hit with the kids, (what kid doesn't like PopTarts) and with the parents because they are homemade!  Have you ever thought of having a Baking party?  Have Chef's hats and aprons for the kids to wear etc. Bakerella

These cute treats are from a "Seeding Planting" party. You may be able to guess what they used for this but check out the blog anyway Tip Junkie  Here's another recipe for these Potted Flowers The Seven Year Cottage 

This Watermelon Strawberry Lemonade shows so refreshing and delicious and would be fabulous for a party drink.  Get the Recipe Frosted Bake Shop

 What a great way to serve strawberries, pineapple and pound cake....and the presentation is very nice! Is that chocolate sauce for dipping? Wait, wouldn't this be a fun food for your chocolate fountain?   Frost Me Blog

It's called Chocolate and vanilla cheesecake with an oreo crust, caramel and roasted pecans.  But I just want to call it YUMMY!  Get this recipe plus the caramel and ganache recipes.  Call Me Cupcake   Your guests will be AMAZED!

 I've made the baked mini corn dogs and they were a hit! What makes them so fun? Most kids love hotdogs, but wait, they come on a stick? Cool!  Foodnetwork

Kids and adults alike will love this bite-sized dessert. Bananas, chocolate, sprinkles, ice cream, whipping cream and a cherry! Can be made ahead  Frost Me Blog

Ice cream sandwiches are my absolute favorite so I know I must make this one. Looks especially yummy. The World According to Sylvia Garza

This yummy dessert would certainly be popular at your party.  Who doesn't like brownies, chocolate fudge, whip cream, and most of all, Girl Scout Thin Mint Cookies?   My Baking Addiction

Love the idea of a cake pop inside a mini ice cream cone--Looks like a scoop of ice cream!  The kids will love them. Amy Atlas

Doesn't this watermelon punch look yummy! Using the shell of the watermelon to serve the drink in is fun!  Martha Stewart
Speaking of Watermelon---See a lot of great watermelon carving ideas for parties and holidays  HERE and HERE 

Isn't this a fun way to serve ice cream toppings--It's a magazine holder. You probably have some great things around your house to use for party just didn't know it!  We Are The Staples

Make your own Frozen Yogurt Dots!  Kids will think they are candy. Perfect for a children's party.  One Good Thing by Jillee

Yummy! and good for you because you've added in some vegetables, but don't tell!  This Strawberry Lemonade is sure to be a Hit!  Hip Moms Go Green

These cake pops are different.......These have been made to really look like a cupcake upon a stick.  Her technique is really great and quite easy. Personally I love a cake pop that looks like a tiny cupcake on a stick and so will your party guests! Something Swanky


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