Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Tips and Tricks-Brilliant Recipes, Pantry Organization, Family Photo Ideas and more!

We've found some brilliant ideas. I just love little bits of info that make life easier (tips and tricks)   They make you ask....Why didn't I think of that?  I hope we've got some things below that you've never thought of but would like to incorporate into your life and home.  Enjoy!

How about turning a closet into a pantry? It's a very simple idea. Just put in the movable shelving . Add the shoe organizer on the door for a lot more storage of snacks and small items. The plastic is clear so you will be able to find something at a moment's notice and think about all the space you've created on the shelves.  You'll want to head on over to "Real Simple" to see more details about this great way to create a pantry where there was none.

 New uses for old items--How about a toothbrush to clean the silk off of the corn stalks? I like it! (use a new toothbrush, of course)  SOURCE

 Shower hooks work great for hanging your purses in the closet. They're sturdy and wide enough to hold one or two straps. SOURCE

Dollar Store luminaries-Easy and inexpensive to make! SOURCE & TUTORIAL

 What's better than a breakfast casserole? One that you mix up the night before, place in the crock pot, turn it on, go to bed and when you wake up you've got a yummy breakfast already made! That's my kind of cooking! SOURCE

 What a great idea for a family photo. Mom, Dad and babies hand.  How precious.  SOURCE

Such a cute style and such a great picture tutorial, Yeah, you've got this! SOURCE

These butterfly snacks make lunchtime or snack time fun!  Just put two different snacks (or one) in a ziplock bag and add a decorated clip. (Could use your scrapbook paper to decorate too)  SOURCE

YUM!  Here's a 3 cheese macaroni and cheese recipe that you bake in a muffin tin. It only takes about 10 minutes to bake which means you can toss them in the oven after your guests have arrived and everyone is assured of a nice hot mac and cheese. I love the small serving size. SOURCE

 7 Smoothies that are said to aid in weight loss.....Peanut butter and banana, Mocha, watermelon and four more. Get the recipe for all seven smoothies  SOURCE

 I love this look.  Here's how you do it: Put decals or stickers on a framed canvas and then paint it-spray or brush.  Then take off the stickers and put white lights behind it.  Very cool!  Make it as small or as larger as you want...just depends on the size framed canvas you can find.  (couldn't see a source)

 Overnight Blueberry French Toast  Not only does this look delicious but you prepare it the night before and refrigerate it until the next morning when you just pop it into the oven to bake. So easy!  A delicious breakfast with little effort.  SOURCE

 Yes, that's can get this free 75 page e-book from the web site Cultures for Health.  They sell everything you would need to start making your own yogurt!  Make the flavors you want, when you want. You know exactly what goes into your yogurt. Use for dips, smoothies, recipes and just plain eating. Head on over to this page to get your free e-book (there's a link) and you're on your way. SOURCE

 Tired of looking for your tape in your workshop or in your craft room? Here's something made up out of desperation! Love the idea of a hacksaw blade on the front for cutting and that it is mounted on the wall. Brilliant!  SOURCE and TUTORIAL


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  1. Thanks a Latte' for showcasing my crock pot breakfast casserole. It's a great feeling going to bed knowing your breakfast will be ready when you wake up. Enjoy!!

    1. hi i couldnt find the recipe?

    2. Beneath every photo is a link to the source for the things in my blog. Just click on the word "SOURCE" and it will take you to the original site.

  2. Thank you for featuring my butterfly snack bags. =-)

  3. Your post with pictures are very attractive !!

  4. I have really enjoyed the ideas on your blog. I have used the same idea with the over the door shoe hanger. It has really worked out well. The idea that was new to me is the Duct Tape station.

    Thanks for the great idea!


  5. OOO Thanks for this post, I am loving your blog!!!