Thursday, February 9, 2012

Cupcake High Heels, Ironing Board in a Drawer, DIY Produce Bags, A Chandelier, 20 Smoothie Recipes Plus....

Here's to things that make life easier, maybe even yummier (with regards to the 20 smoothie recipes below)   I'm all for finding things that make me smile and say, "I've got to have that"  Enjoy!

20 Smoothie Recipes-Yum!  If you freeze fruit when it is in season you can enjoy fresh fruit smoothies year round.  SOURCE

I love the lacy cupcake wraps and here is a very easy way to do it.  Doilies are very cheap and come in different colors-Available at craft stores and dollar stores.  Do it yourself and save $$. There are more details about the wraps in the comments below the post at Cake Central. Look for comments by AlamoSweets-Hint: She used a 10" doily. (I don't want to give away her brilliant idea here)  SOURCE  Here's a free template for a cupcake wrap, just download and use as a pattern. SOURCE

 Recycle t-shirts into a produce/grocery bag.  There's a easy-to-follow tutorial-Won't you feel great when you stop using the plastic and paper bags at the grocery store!  SOURCE

 This ironing board slides back into the counter and has a false drawer front----You'd never know there was an ironing board behind it?  So Cool!  SOURCE

 Do you have one of these? It makes taking the leaf out of a strawberry so easy and you end up with more strawberry. You can purchase at Williams Sonoma, etc.   SOURCE

What a easy way to remove the corn from the cob! It keeps it all in one container.  SOURCE

Customize a drawer just for spatulas and large utensils. Get the wood to customize your drawers at Home Depot, Lowes or craft stores. Cut to fit drawer and use gorilla glue or E6000 glue to secure. SOURCE

 I love how they took this chandelier and added beads, buttons and other embellishments and made it whimsical and cute! See more photos including close-ups of this cute chandelier  SOURCE

 Get all the info on making this Rain Collection  Barrel.  SOURCE  There's even a VIDEO from Lowes Go Green! 

One of the great uses for WD-40 is that you can use it to remove crayon marks off the walls, even wall paper.  (photo from Real Simple Magazine)  Want to know what else WD-40 is good for---So many great uses  SOURCE

Isn't this refrigerator simply amazing. When the doors are closed it will just look like a beautiful piece of much space!  SOURCE

These cupcakes area amazing! They come out of a book titled
Cupcakes, Cookies and Pie, Oh My!  I'll give you a hint....They involve a cupcake, graham cracker, rolled wafer and a gum stick. This new book sounds like it is one you've got to have. Click on the link at and you can take a look at some of the creations within the book. Looks like a keeper!


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