Thursday, January 19, 2012

{Tangled} Rapunzel Birthday Party Inspiration Here-Lots of Photos

Many of you are planning on having a Rapunzel or a Tangled birthday party, I know we are!  So when I started gathering ideas for a party I thought many of you would like the links to so here they are!  Enjoy

Wow! What a great Rapunzel Cake!  I can't imagine how many hours it took to design and put together.  Get more details about it HERE

This darling 3D Rapunzel would be very cute on your treat or food table-Free download! SOURCE

 Here's a darling Rapunzel party from "The Party Bakery".  To read all about it head on over to their blog

The photos below are from a Rapunzel party where the theme was geared towards painting (As Rapunzel as also a painter) So we've posted these photos and source here in case you would like to do this at your party. See lots of sources for Rapunzel Coloring Pages HERE

 These 3 photos are from a wonderful Rapunzel party. I post them here because of the Rice Krispie treats above that look like a paint brush......Get it? Coloring pages are above! Gotta Love that cake too!  SOURCE

How about a "pin the frying pan" on the Flynn Rider Poster game. Sounds like Fun! There's even a free frying pan printable.   SOURCE   Here is a  LINK  to Tangled coloring pages including the a Flynn Rider Wanted Poster.

Want to know how to make those flying lanterns from the movie? Well, here you go!  SOURCE

How about a Pascal noise maker? Get a free template for Pascal on the Disney site. Add a googly eye and smile.  What a great party favor!  SOURCE

 If you'd rather have a Rapunzel Doll cake instead of a Rapunzel house then this is the one for you. Absolutely beautiful! 


But wait, there's more photos of this Fabulous Tangled Birthday party. Find lots of inspiration for your party HERE

 These Tangled Cupcakes are so Cute!  Here's the Source

If you're interested in getting some "Rapunzel hair"  (hat) then just click on this link

 Love this Tangled birthday cake that was made for a little girl's Rapunzel themed birthday party by her mommy! The details in this house and Rapunzel is fabulous.  THIS is my favorite Rapunzel cake!  SOURCE 


  1. I just saw your blog was a place where people were coming from. Thanks for listing my Rapunzel hat! I loved looking through this post. My almost 5 year old would LOVE this post too.

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