Monday, January 23, 2012

More Fun Ideas for Organizing your Crafts and Craft Room

You can really be so creative when it comes to organizing your home, your crafts and your craft rooms. We've found some more fun ways that are inexpensive but clever. Check them out below.

   1Organize mini scrapbook supplies in spice jars   Scrapbooks Etc
2. Store wet stamps in wire basket for drying  Scrapbooks Etc

3.   Organize craft supplies in household  Items  Scrapbooks Etc
4.  Repurpose Workshop storage for scrapbook storage  Scrapbooks Etc

 5. Hang scrapbook supplies in spice jars   Scrapbooks Etc  
6. Use fish tackle boxes for scrapbook storage "on the go" Scrapbooks Etc 

7.  Stack ribbon in a paper towel holder for easy storage  Scrapbooks Etc
8.  Tidy up a scrapbook space with mini magnetic storage solutions  Scrapbooks Etc

 9. Group small embellishments for easy scrapbooking  Scrapbooks Etc
10.  Turn home decor storage into mini storage solutions  Scrapbooks Etc

 11. Secure scrapbook punches on drawer liners  Scrapbooks Etc
12.  Store scrapbook supplies on kitchen gadgets  Scrapbooks Etc

13. Go-Anywhere Bucket for Wrapping Paper  Martha Stewart
14. Glue Gun  Holder  Barbs Little Store

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  1. I am loving these organization ideas! Will definitely have to bookmark for when I get my new place with my own craft room *sigh* I can't wait!