Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Let's Learn How to Decorate Valentine's Day Cookies - TUTORIAL

You're making cookies for Valentines Day, right? It's a lot of fun. Thought we'd share some really beautiful cookies that you could make too.  Use the photos as a guide for your own designs. Remember, they don't have to be perfect, just delicious! (just put your laptop on the kitchen counter opened to this post and you'll be able to have the samples right in front of you)

But first, let's get a tutorial on how to flood cookies--If you like the designer look then you're going to want to read this tutorial (lots of photos too)  RECIPE and TUTORIAL

 Aren't these adorable! Just use the flooding method shown above and use two different colors of frosting. You can purchase these if you don't want to bake!  SOURCE

I love the freehand script on this cookie-The brown frosting looks nice HERE

 A cookie on the edge of your cup of hot chocolate or coffee....Sweet  SOURCE

 Love the cookie cutter for the Hugs and Kisses and the Lips! SOURCE

What a pretty way to decorate a heart--Yes, you can do this too! SOURCE

Valentine Heart Cookies that are similar to the Heart Banner that was designed  SOURCE

People will think you bought these heart-shaped ice cream sandwich cookies. Get all the instructions and recipe HERE   (I've heard the secret to having your cookies be the exact same size and shape as when you cut out the uncooked dough is.....when they come out of the oven use the same cookie cutter and cut out the cookie again. But you have to do it immediately as it comes out of the oven.  You'll look like a pro)

 Want a Lofthouse-like, Soft Sugar cookie recipe?  Well, here it is! SOURCE

 I love the scalloped look on these cookies SOURCE

Cute Conversation Heart Cookies--Write any message you want on these heart cookies-Messages for school, some for home or some for your sweetheart SOURCE

 These cookies have a lot of detail in them-Wow! SOURCE

Each one is unique, some more simple than others  SOURCE


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  1. Awesome cookies, I love them all! I am not sure how mine would turn out.. I don't have the best track record handling icing. Just found your blog, it is lovely.

  2. Such a Pretty Cookies.
    This is a perfect gift for someone special.
    Your Pics looks fantastic.
    Sooooo cute! Love it all!