Monday, December 12, 2011

Now, Let's Wrap Your Christmas Gifts-Great Ideas Here

Now you've got to get down to the business of wrapping all those fabulous gifts that you've bought. To make the gift even more special add a little extra to the gift wrapping. Below are some ideas for you to think about.

 This is so cute-Use as a place card or just put on the plate with treats inside--or put in a gift card and fold in the ends and you've got something so nice. SOURCE

  Pinwheels are so easy to make and doesn't this look great!  Here's a TUTORIAL

 For some pretty holly leaves and a curly bow Tutorial Click HERE

Make bows out of magazines too. Read more in this TUTORIAL

Or you could use wrapping paper or scrapbook paper, as they did in this tutorial,  to make a bow. This will save you a lot of money since you probably already have wrapping paper or scrapbook paper. Find this tutorial HERE

Here's something cute if you're gifting any baked goods. Just paint a snowman on the bread tag!  How cute.  Find this tutorial HERE

This is a simple but cute wrap.  Find it HERE

So festive!  Read more about this one HERE

Decorate a can to hold a gift certificate.  You can even find clear plastic cans at Hobby Lobby SOURCE

Use plain brown paper and embellish with things you already have. SOURCE

How about wrapping paper topped with a wrapping paper ribbon? SOURCE

Here's another example of using wrapping paper on top of wrapping paper or scrapbook paper. SOURCE

 Notice the paper doily on the left side of each package. The red tulle is a nice touch. The little clothespin is so cute.  SOURCE

 Love the brown and green colors she put together here. SOURCE

Just thought I'd sneak in this Wrapping Paper Wall Rack--There's a easy tutorial-You use tension rods! SOURCE did this one get in too? See the Tutorial HERE


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