Thursday, December 29, 2011

{Freebies} 13 Different Prints--It's All About LOVE---In Dozens of Colors

I love these prints by Sprik Space, she is so creative!  It's all about LOVE!   Just download the art, print on white cardstock and frame. (or send the file to Costco and let them print them for you-very cheap) All come in a 5x7 size. Many of them could be downloaded, printed and used to wrap a special gift for someone! You could even use them as a candy bar wrap.

This one comes in 13 different colors.  Find it HERE

    As you can see this print comes in three different colors. It's a 5x7 print.  Find it HERE

Love, Love, Love!  (wrapping paper) Find the link for all four prints HERE

I'm thinking this one would be fun for the kids room.  Find it HERE

This one comes in 14 different colors so there's sure to be one that will fit perfectly in your home's decor! (wrapping paper)  Find it HERE

Kiss and Hugs are for anyone! (wrapping paper)  Find this print HERE

Such a large selection of colors! 13 to choose from. (wrapping paper)   Find it HERE

Gotta "love" this one!  Find it HERE

This is a great quote from Dr. Seuss and available in 9 different colors!  Find it HERE

This print is available in 10 different colors. Find it HERE

 I love you to the moon and back is available HERE

 You can find this one HERE

"Where there is great love" comes in 6 different colors. Find it  HERE


  1. "Love" these! Thank you for sharing them!

  2. Thank you for sharing these! I'm featuring this on my blog today.

  3. Love all of these!! They're simple and colorful!!! Thanks so much!!!

  4. Love, love, love all of these! Thanks for featuring the collection!