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Christmas Gifts for Teachers-What they Want and Don't Want

It's time to decide what to give your children's teacher for Christmas. Sometimes it's very hard to come up with a gift idea that's  different and special. We've gathered some great ideas to help you make that decision easier. Enjoy!

Here's a fabulous idea for your children's teacher---The 12 days of Christmas.  Make up 12 little gifts for the teacher and let your child "sneek" them onto her desk without her knowing. I don't know who will be more excited the child or the teacher!  Don't you  love surprises! On the blog "How does She"  they give you a poem for each day that goes along with a little gift that the teacher needs and/or would love. You can use the quotes too.  The personalized metal container would also be great but a cute basket or box covered with scrapbook paper would work too.  These are inexpensive gifts, you wouldn't want to break the bank! Click Here

 How fun!  Santa-Tizer for the Teacher You could put this in the 12 days of Christmas gift bag! Just cut out a red band of paper, a white scallop and a black strip for the belt. Don't forget the silver buckle and you're done!

 I love this cute tag. Put it on any kind of hand sanitizer for something special for teacher SOURCE

 Here's another take on the hand sanitizer/soap for the Teacher. Get the free template and instructions HERE

 Wishing you a warm and wonderful Christmas

 We're 'ROOTING' for you to have a happy holiday season and a wonderful new year!

 May your Holidays be Popping

 {Snickers Candy Bars in a Wisk} We 'WISK' we could do more, but don't 'SNICKER', just be glad you got something!

The gifts above would be fun for teacher too and each one is under $2.00 according to the post. Thanks to Today's Fabulous Finds you can now afford to get some great gifts for teachers. Each one has a cute thought on the tag.  Head on over to see the rest of their clever ideas. Click Here to see 15 Gifts all under $2.00

After doing some research, reading comments from actual teachers about what they would like to receive from their students at Christmas time.... I can tell you what may not be on their Christmas list this year...

1.  Anything having to do with apples-they've got enough of those over the years.
2.  Any knick knacks for their room or home
3. Coffee/Hot chocolate mugs are out-They have many of those too.
4. Candles are off their list too
5. World's greatest teacher trophy etc.

What would they love to receive:

1. Gift certificates....Starbucks was the number one choice followed by Walmart, Target, Itunes and office supply stores so they can buy the things they use everyday.


Or you can use this idea: Get a clear pillow box (find them at XpedX, office supply, craft stores etc)  and fill with tinsel and gift card.  Find this idea HERE

 And one last idea for a gift card.....Isn't it cute?  Find out how it's done HERE

2. Wall Flowers (Bath & Body-Plug in scents to make their room smell nice)
3. Personalized Stationary
4. Reams of copy paper or scrapbook paper
5.  Gas credit cards
6.  Clorox wipes and hand sanitizer
7.  Mechanical pencils
8. If they're a sports fan get something from their favorite team
9. Any kind of school supplies are welcomed
10. Something they can use that's personal for them, perhaps something related to a favorite hobby.
11.  And the easiest and most welcomed gift is simply a Card  letting them how how you appreciate everything they've done for your child.  A heart-felt note would really make their Christmas special.
12. How about a coupon book? Coupons good for one hour of help in the classroom, Taking the teacher to lunch or any kind of help they need? Definitely would be appreciated.

Need some more gift ideas?  Here are a couple of links to the Teacher Appreciation gifts we've featured in the past. Click HERE, HERE, HERE,
and  HERE

 Just include the teacher's favorite candy bar!  Get the directions HERE

All four of these Teacher Gifts can be found HERE


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