Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Everything's Christmas at Pebbles In My Pocket-So Cute!

I love the beautiful things that they create over at Pebbles In My Pocket!  You can buy on-line or in store. Here's a few of their Christmas things that you can purchase now. (There's more on their site)

 Cute ornaments using vintage Christmas paper and twine. Rudolph is a cute treat box. Here's a link to the page where all their twine is-so many nice colors

 Love the Santa boxes and the Gift cards/book marks. The vintage spool ornament is soooo cute! Each item comes in a kit with everything included and you just assemble. Much more affordable than trying to make them yourself!

 I've seen the holly berry garland in the store and it is so adorable.  You could string both of these together for a cute look....and both are so affordable.

These peppermint and snowflake ornaments would be cute on your Christmas tree. Buy the packets and make them up yourself.

So head on over to Pebbles In My Pocket to get some unique decorations for Christmas. They make it so easy for you over at Pebbles-They cut out and assemble everything you need so you don't have to try to do it all yourself.  Yeah, you've got this!

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  1. I appreciate your love of our products and the shout out... I very much like yours too! We can do a giveaway for your facebook customers sometime...
    Thank you so much!