Thursday, November 3, 2011

13 Christmas Countdown Calendars for the Kids and Family - So Much Fun!!!

Christmas countdown calendars do take time to get the supplies together and make so that's why we've posted this one so early in November.  They make the holiday even more fun! Some of them call for miniature gifts but another good idea is to put a piece of paper inside the item that will lead the kids to find a larger gift, sort of like a treasure hunt or a family activity. Fun Fun Fun

What a darling Gingerbread house....but it is also a Christmas countdown calendar (See the roof)  The Gingerbread house itself can be purchased Here   Get all the directions by clicking Here.

If you lift each flap, there is a different Christmas prompt. A little something fun and festive to help you and your family get in the holiday mood. You will find some great ideas for these on the web site. Very Cute!  Click Here to get the details

Using Santa's bag for a Christmas Countdown is such a cute idea!  See more photos and a complete tutorial Here

 Let's count down the month of Christmas by turning over a card with a family photo on the other side. What fun! This one you'll want to start right away. Would be fun to use past Christmas photos, but any will do. You'll find a complete supply list and tutorial Here

What a cute box.  We've found a discounted source for the box. Here's what it says: on the site about this Karen Foster 3D Count-down box :

Sturdy cardboard with a high gloss white finish. Features 25 drawer/boxes with finger notches and a sheet of countdown number stickers. Each drawer measures 1.5"x1.5"x1.5". Countdown Calendar Dates on back of package shows dates for upcoming holidays. Decorate the outside of each box and fill them with candies, trinkets, toys, etc. Use your Countdown Calendar to get excited for important days such as holiday, birthdays, anniversaries, vacations, weddings, and more! Measures 8"x8.5"x1.75")  It is only $14.88. I've seen them elsewhere at 29.99.

Number plain tags and tie to pre-decorated gift bags. For fun, don't hang the bags in order -- make it a challenge to find the day's surprise. Christmas Count-Down BHG  Here are some links to free printable tags for you to use
Tag #1, Tag #2, Tag #3,  and these tags are red and cute Tag #4   You can also purchases these tags at office supply stores.

Glue magnets to a round wreath form and also to the bottom 24 small favor tins. Each day a tin is taken off and the surprise/present inside is found. Christmas Count-Down BHG

 Here's a fun way to display the boxes you've painted and put numbers on for a count-down calendar. Get a large frame, place a backing in it and glue the boxes to the backing and you've got your countdown. Fill them with treats, gifts or paper with fun activities.


What a cute Christmas Countdown Garland!  As you empty each box and turn it around it will eventually spell Merry Christmas.  The boxes are sturdy slide boxes and can be used year after year.  Find it on Etsy Here

Christmas countdown blocks do the same thing as a larger countdown calendar but they are so much easier to make and take up less space. Get all the directions plus supply list on the Little Bird Secrets site

You may have seen the countdown calendar that is built upon a cookie sheet.  This one is so cute. Want to know how to make it?  Click Here to get the details

Use snowflakes for your Christmas Advent Calendar.  Write a cute message/activity on the back of each one along with a number.  Get all the info Here

 FOUND: A link for the free Christmas countdown tags shown above.  Check out the fabulous colors and fonts on the tags-Use them to create your own Countdown Calendar using some of the ideas above. Click Here for free Christmas countdown tags

Which one will you make this year? Whichever one you do (even if it isn't one of these) the kids will absolutely love opening a bag, a window or a package every day until Christmas!


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  1. Thank you for the wonderful suggestions. I love them all. They all are so creative. :D

  2. I tried to get the instructions for the cookie sheet count down but it comes up the page can't be displayed.