Monday, October 24, 2011

A New Way To Use Cupcake Wraps/Wrappers-So Cute!

I love this....Add a cupcake wrapper to the  outside of a plastic cup to add color and fun!  Such a simple idea. Just change the wraps to match the holiday (Halloween is coming) or event  and you could use these anytime.  Check out all the photos below.

 What a great way to serve ice cream, it's a small container but oh so cute!  And these plastic containers are much more affordable than the ice cream cups you've seen.

 Punch just got kicked up a notch with a cute cupcake wrap on the drinking cup

 Great for chips and dip and the veggie cup that you're serving.

 It's not just for food. Check out these cute cups for a Spa Birthday Party

Isn't this a great idea! You can order these cupcake wraps at Confetti Couture.  Here's the Link to their store


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