Wednesday, October 12, 2011

More Tips and Tricks to make Life Easier!

More Tricks and Tips to help with everyday life. Hope you find these useful!

If you are someone who lives in flips flops and sandals then this tip is for you. Get your shoes up off the floor by creating these cute little hangers. It's super easy and so cute.  Find out how to do it Here 

Here's some tips on how to keep your pumpkin looking good longer and it doesn't take that much effort, just Vaseline. Find out how to do it Here  (You can also rub Vaseline over the carved parts of your pumpkin to keep it from getting moldy)

Green & Safe-35 Pest, Disease & Weed Remedies-- Read all about it Here 

You can use Vanilla to clean your microwave and the best part is the vanilla smell it leaves behind!  Find out how to do it Here

Baby oil is good for something other than keeping skin soft.  Click Here to find out

I love the tips they give that make gift wrapping cheap but beautiful. From drywall tape to tulle to using colored wrapping paper as a second application.   You're going to want to read this's short but sweet. Click Here

I'm not kidding when I say that there are 40+ Crafter tips in this post.  And not only that, inside this post there is a link giving you another 42 Crochet Tips!  How's that for a ton of information? Find everything Here

This is a great tip if it actually works. I'm not in elevators often enough to try this so if you do let me know if it actually works. Wouldn't it be nice if it did!

What a great idea for a magazine rack-An old headboard. Source

What an amazingly good use for books-Is this a library?  or an office?   Source

Found a page with lots of great tips. First one: to sharpen scissors cut through a piece of sand paper.  Click Here to read 9 more fun tips

When making Egg McMuffins-crack the eggs into a muffin tin and bake in the oven-Sounds crazy? Click Here to get all the details. Make 12 of them very quickly!

 Do you have microfiber furniture?  And is that microfiber couch stained or dirty?  You don't need a new couch.  You only need two things.....Click Here  (Thanks to Katy Mitchell for sending this link to me)


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