Friday, October 14, 2011

150 Different Cupcakes-Photos & Recipes-For All Seasons & Holidays

Would you like to see cupcakes designed for every holiday in the year plus lots of other ones? Yes, I said 150 cupcake designs.  This has just become your Cupcake Reference for every holiday and special event we celebrate!  Oh, don't worry, this blog post will be here whenever you want to come back and check out the cupcakes for future holidays. There's a photo for each cupcake and the recipe is also provided. Amazing!  (just find it under the category "cupcake" on the right side of our blog)

This post has 150 different cupcakes with tutorials, recipes and photos!

There's even pie cupcakes!  These would be great for Thanksgiving
  So if you're in the cupcake mood, and who isn't with Halloween coming up, then click on this LINK to go to CUPCAKE HEAVEN on the Hoosiers Homemade Blog


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