Tuesday, September 27, 2011

{Gotta See} Some very cool outdoor Halloween decorations

Here's some amazing Halloween decorations for the outside of your home.  Each one has a complete tutorial including supply lists so you definitely will be able to make one or all of these. 
First you need a graveyard fence to keep people out of your graveyard.... complete with a "Keep Away" sign. Very Cool! Get all the info Here

Halloween Family Plot Tombstones.....This is my favorite!  They are all made out of foam and the tutorial makes it look very easy to make.  Get the Tutorial Here   There's even some suggestions for more names for your tombstones: Seymour Dirtz    Anita Amanda Cook    Fester N. Rott    Bill M. Lader    Ima Buzzkill    Will Knott Rest  Helen Bach   Seymour Coffin

Dress up your front porch with this "easy to make" shredded curtain. Looks festive doesn't it!  Find the tutorial  Here

And last but not least you've got to have a "UNWELCOME" Door mat. This is definitely one you can make.  Find the tutorial   Here


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