Monday, September 26, 2011

{Free Download} Witches, Ravens, & Bats for your Halloween decor

Found just what I was looking for on the site No Biggie PDF Files to download of all the essentials for Halloween decorating!  Witches, bats, ravens in big and little sizes.....and it's a FREE Download. There are 6 files to download. Yea!  No more looking over the internet.  What first caught my attention were these candy apples. I love how it looks like the witch is riding her broom (with the arched twig)  Anyway, go to this site to download ALL the pdf files and you're set for eerie decorations!  Enjoy

She's put the witch, bat and raven  silhouettes on a paper medallion. That's a great idea.

Here's an idea for using the bat silhouette. Cut out different sizes for this look.  Find this photo and directions  Here

Here's a idea for using the Raven Silhouettes. Find this idea Here

You've got the print-outs, now use your imagination and decorate away!  (You can even enlarge the silhouettes using a copy machine if you need them larger)


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