Thursday, September 29, 2011

Amazing Halloween Decorating Ideas from Pottery Barn, plus a video!

 Pottery Barn just released a video featuring fabulous Halloween Decorations that you can do in your own home. It is Amazing. They give you spooky ideas for outdoor decorations as well as indoor. I've shared some of those ideas with you before but wanted to put everything all in one place here.
 See the photos that are jumbled above the fireplace? That's a great idea and it's going to sound even better when you know that Pottery Barn has given you the photos to put in your own frames!  Just download them all at this LINK  (Photos of headless people-but not R-rated)
You're going to want to see this video and watch it more than once so you can soak in all their good ideas. You don't have to buy everything from Pottery Barn though....Just use your imagination with what you have already purchased or what you see in the stores.  Here's the link to the VIDEO 
There's even a spooky Halloween Party Invitation. Download it Here 
Then there's the spooky Halloween Signs you'll see in the video and above.  Yes, you can get those too. Here's the LINK .  
But there's more freebies.... Here's the LINK to download the eerie gravestones show above. Sweet!
Want more info on how to host a Spooky Halloween party?   Click Here
Now that you have all these wonderful spooky ideas for your Halloween party, go ahead and invite all you love and tell them you are hosting the most AMAZING Halloween Party they have ever attended, and you may well be right! Yeah, you've got this!


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