Monday, August 29, 2011

{Tutorial} ChalkBoard Lunch Bag plus other Fun Ideas

We've gathered up some great ideas for lunch bags that you can make yourself and a cute bag to carry all your school needs!  Enjoy.

What a great idea for a lunch bag.  Write your child's name on the bag or a special note like shown below.  The instructions make it look like a very easy project.  Would your child like one of these, or how about you? Thanks to Craft Gossip for Sharing  You'll find all the instructions for this great bag Here

See how it easily your message wipes off the bag.  JoAnn's is a great place to find the black oilcloth or you can find it Here

How about a Reusable Lunch Bag? This cloth bag is Easy to sew-just throw it in the washer when it needs cleaning! Now you're doing something great for the environment.  Find the tutorial Here

 How about a Vinyl lined Lunch Sack you make yourself?  Excellent!  Find the tutorial to make this great lunch sack Here

Now, how about a great bag that you can carry all your school work, books AND lunch in?  Isn't this so cute!  It's called a soft and slouchy book bag. Love the material they choose.  Find the tutorial Here

Back to School doesn't have to be painful, especially when you can get free tutorials for all the things you need!

To see lots of fun things for the kids, back to school and Teacher Appreciation Click HERE


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