Sunday, August 28, 2011

Revamped Armoires for Small-Space Storage-Amazing!

I love the idea of revamping a old or unused Armoire for a better purpose.  Below are some amazing ideas for any type of unit.  Take a look

 Looking at this one from the outside you wouldn't know it is soooo organized inside!

Showing three different kinds of bins in this armoire. Nice! I like all three.

 Craft Supply and Demand....Fill one with all your craft supplies. Sweet!

Closeup photo of the Craft Supply and Demand Armoire

 Art Smart Space-A designed spot for all of the kid's creative Supplies and everything they need.

Inside and closeup view of the  Art-Smart Space

A place for jewelry, shoes, bags....all your accessories.

 The paper on this armoire is so cute!  Love the designs 
 and the color they choose.

This scrapbooking storage center is such a brilliant idea!

 Here's the inside of the scrapbooking storage center.

Do you have a armoire that you can switch over to a wonderful storage unit? If not check out the yard sales for one and do your magic with it.  To see more revamped armoires click Here


  1. What type of paint do you recommend using? Glossy finish?

  2. Donna, I love the look of glossy paint. It would really make your armoire stand out. Looks fresh and clean