Sunday, August 21, 2011

How to Design a Photo Wall the Easy Way!

Here's great news!  You can design a fabulous photo wall using this great  technique as told by Lily Rose.  You'll find it is super easy when you do it this way. Here are some of the topics:

(1) How to create a dramatic display
(2) Fabulous stairway photo wall ideas
(3) Different display ideas
(4) Tips to easily create your own personal arrangement 
(5) Four different display ideas using the exact same 12 photo sizes plus much more

Below are some photo wall designs for inspiration and to help you plan your photo wall.

 These large photos look great and yours will too (30" tall x 15" wide)  Get the tips on how to make them perfectly straight wherever you place them. 

I love the look of photos going up a staircase wall. It is usually unused space and this is a fun place for any kind of photo. 
Via Lily Rose

Yes you can make a design like this and yes it will look great if you follow the instructions from Lily Rose.
Via Lily Rose

Sweet!  Love the design 
Via Robeson Design

Here's another wall that would be difficult to decorate but these photos look wonderful here

You don't have to hang family photos to make a great display. 

Try this amazing technique that will allow you to only put ONE hole in the wall and still get the photo exactly where you want it. Click Here

So what's the secret......why does it look so easy?  Lily Rose did a lot of research on the best ways to display photos on a wall and has compiled what she learned for the benefit of all the rest of you who are like her, with tons of pictures just waiting to be hung. Check out all the tips, photo display ideas, and hanging pictures ideas and go ahead and create your beautiful photo wall! Click Here to read all about it and get started.


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