Wednesday, August 3, 2011

{Free Printable} Make Chores fun with The Chore Jar!

Love the idea of drawing a chore out of a jar. You never know what you may get.....Clean the bathroom, Pick out two chores, Trade with someone, Put one chore back?  The sky's the limit because also available in this free download are labels that are completely blank so you can write in ones that are for your home and situation.  What a great idea!  Try it and let me now how it works!  

 You say you're done raising your children?  What about your grandchildren? We are always teaching whether we're  mother or grandmother. Just another thought about this.....When the grandchildren come over wouldn't it be fun if they could select a stick that had a special dessert on it that they could help you make...or even a dinner recipe? As in "What will we make tonight?"  You can make anything  fun if you make a game out of it! (It's those things that will create a great memory for the kids)

Download the free printables by going to Whatever Dee Dee Wants!  She'll tell you how this came about and how to make it up.  Excellent Idea!!!  She has some very clever ideas about how to play this game of getting our chores done happily!  She's very smart....She made some up with chores already written on them and she left some blank so you could customize them to your own home. What a girl!


  1. Where's the download?

    1. The download link is in the last paragraph. I've changed the color of the link so you can clearly see it now. thanks (Whatever Dee Dee wants)