Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Craft Paper/Wrapping Paper Roll Holder-You Can Build It-Get the Plans

Do you have some budding artists in your home....or are you the artist? Then this is for you!  Here's the all the information and plans you need to make this craft paper roll holder.  Use it in your craft room (for shipping, drawing or crafts or hang a roll of wrapping paper) or put it in the kids room for their artistic endeavors.  Or better yet, while your making it you might as well make two, one for you and one for the kids!

Notice how the paper is brought down under the bar. That's how you tear the paper, using the bar.

Looks super easy. Would be a nice addition to your craft room, wrapping room, or play room. Just pull and tear!  To get the plans to make this craft paper roll holder just go over to Ana's Site  You may see other projects that you'd love to tackle too.  Good luck!


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