Wednesday, August 10, 2011

30 Different, Beautiful Hair Styles You Can Do Yourself

How beautiful!  There are 30 different hair styles in the book "Hair Romance"  and each one is so pretty. Would you like to know how to do each one? Well, no problem. This reference book includes all 30 hair styles and tells you exactly how to do it. 

 "In May 2011 I embarked upon a big challenge. I set myself the goal to create 30 hairstyles in 30 days and I did it! In fact I created 31 hairstyles in 31 days"
Here's 9 of the 30 styles. Imagine going to work every day for a month with a new hair style? Or just changing it up for everyday life. Wonderful!  The book is only $9.95 and you can purchase it from this web site  See all 30 hairstyles too.


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