Tuesday, July 19, 2011

{Tutorial} Pottery Barn Knock-Off-Kids Craft Center Pencil and Crayon Caddy

I love, love, love Pottery Barn things. I don't love their prices. So when you can find a tutorial of a knock-off of a Pottery Barn or a Kids Pottery Barn item it's WONDERFUL!  We will be showing several this week so come on back.  It's an organizational item but also ART in a way. Use colorful buckets to make a statement. Everything has a place from the pencils, to the markers, to the scissors etc. This is promoted as an item for the kids but why couldn't you use it in your craft room too? Yah, what a cool idea!

This one is from Pottery Barn at $49.....way to much! 

Notice the  the caddy on the table

First you get a Lazy Susan at IKEA for $7.99, then get your buckets at your favorite dollar store or Target. They can be any size you want or need.   The rest of the project is a breeze. See the tutorial  here!

Just another thought. Wouldn't this be a cute way to display your favorite food at a party?  The Lazy Susan is so great as it rotates for easy access....I'm going to make one and use it at my next party. We could put vegetable sticks, breadsticks, candies of all kinds, condiments etc. Put stryofoam inside the bucket and display your cake bites!   (I can just see a cute flag sticking out of the bucket telling all what's inside) 

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  1. I'm totally going to do this. One day ;)

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