Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Organized and AMAZING Craft Rooms-Part 2

For Part Two of our "I've got to have that Craft Room" we've got some more fun things to show you. We'll start with something very simple and inexpensive.  You can put 12 different rolls of ribbon in this slotted Tupperware bin. Put in two dowels and you're done!
Click Here for the Spunky Junky Blogspot, to get the whole tutorial

This is a craft closet made out of a bathroom Medicine cabinet. You can pick these up at Lowe's, Home Depot etc. Then just put it on the wall and fill it up! Click Here

I love how they used these colorful magazine file folders and binders to get everything under control.  You can organize them by seasons of months/year. Click Here. IKEA has the magazine file folders at a great price in lots of colors.

I really like this inexpensive way to organize your paper punches. You can buy this hardware and any home supply place like Home Depot or Lowes. We had another solution for the organizing of paper punches in Part 1 of our Craft Room post.

They have put 44 different bins in this wood cabinet!  You could take the doors off a cabinet and just use the shelving as they have done here. Get something in a garage sale and refinish it and You're organized!

These two photos come from one craft room. Obviously they use fabric more than any other craft item, but they've got them organized and ready to grab!  Click Here

What a clever idea. They've made Ribbon Bells! Cute

Transform an open bookcase into a crafts and gift-wrapping station. Slip rolls of paper over tension rods and stretch to secure between the bookcase's framework. Tuck standard-size ribbons into boxes and string extra-wide ribbon rolls onto a dowel rod supported by brackets to keep pretty trims at the ready. Click Here

Even a small home or apartment can have a Craft Closet--Transform one of your clothes closet

We are ending the Craft Room post with the Granddaddy of them all. This craft room is AMAZING and built by the owner's dad (Wow!)  He built the desk and the paper holders on the shelves.  She has jars for ribbon scraps, buttons etc. The drawers are filled to the max with all kind of craft supplies. Everything is labeled and easy to find.  I'm going to send you over to Kevin and Manada's blog so you can see for yourself.  When you see this photo just put your mouse over a drawer or a shelf to see the contents and see what goes where etc. You will be Amazed and this will be YOUR DREAM CRAFT ROOM!  Click Here!  Check out Part 1 of our Craft Room Blog (scroll down to see it) 

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