Monday, July 11, 2011

Organized and Amazing Craft Rooms-Part 1

We've gathered together some of the most AMAZING CRAFT ROOMS!  They are sure to give you a lot of inspiration and ideas to organize and beautify your craft room! We found so many that we will be posting more tomorrow, so come on back!  Enjoy the Photos

The idea behind this to beautify the containers for your crafts-Aren't they Cute! You can use any shelf-just use your imagination when decided where to put each item
Get the whole story and inspiration for this craft room Here

This is one of my favorites!  I have wondered how to store all my paper punches and now I know. They are called  Kanga-Pouch-Visible Storage Solutions. Retails at $44.95 but on sale for $39.95 now. Excellent!  Link to their website Here

There's nothing better than seeing something creatively repurposed into something else, particularly if that something else is storage-related!  Use this Sweater Shelf into a Craft Paper Storage System! Click Here

Install shelves to make room for Supplies. Transform a chaotic closet into an inspirational scrapbook storage space with easy-to-install metal shelving units that are adjustable. Elfa Shelves can be configured however you like. Click here, to see close-up photos of each part of this amazing craft closet.

I love how these markers are in their place and placed in the correct color order. Notice the hearts above each pen show you the color that belongs below it. . Use the circle or strip velcro to adhere them to a board.

Have only a small space? These are simple small shelves but they hold a lot and everything is color coordinated and in it's place and up out of reach of the children. 

And now a Gift Wrapping Station that can be completely out of site when not in use. These deep drawers are excellent for rolls and flat wrapping paper. They look like the kind of drawers that can be pulled ALL the way out so you can see into the very back. Talk to a cabinet man about that option.

Here's a Spice Rack that's been painted and embellished. Store small crafts such as buttons, brads, clips and embellishments in these cute bottles. Everything is at your fingertips and it spins!

If your crafts are centered around fabric then get yourself a dresser from a garage sale or a second-hand store. Get someone that's handy with tools to cut out the front of each drawer as shown so you can see your material even when the drawer is closed! What a great idea!

Come back tomorrow to see more "I wish I had that Craft Room" photos. Don't you love having your favorite things organized and easy to find!

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