Thursday, July 21, 2011

Do You Have One of the Popsicle Makers from Williams Sonoma?

Yes, you can make these Popsicles yourself!  There are two different machines from Williams Sonoma. Check out these photos. The kids would absolutely love to make these kind of whimsical Popsicles!
Create your own customized frozen pops, two at a time.  
Click Here to go to the Williams-Sonoma catalog and read more!

You can make 3 Ice Pops at a time with this one, including cream-filled varieties, in as little as seven minutes. Click Here to go to the Williams-Sonoma catalog to read more about this one.

There is a fabulous book loaded with delicious and amazing popsicles that you will also want to get!

"With Zoku Quick Pops, the possibilities for creating sensational frozen ice-pops at home are endless. This collection will spark your creativity with more than 40 tastebud-tickling recipes designed expressly for our fast-freezing Zoku Quick Pop Maker. The whole family will love exploring fresh fruit flavors from blackberry to watermelon and luscious ice cream pops such as cookie dough, cinnamon crunch and chai – ready in minutes! You'll also discover flavors inspired by the bake shop including key lime pie and cheesecake, and some unexpected twists like peanut butter and jelly, malted milk balls and s'mores. Includes key tips and techniques for making and decorating Zoku Quick Pops. Softcover, 95 pages"
 I'll leave you with just one parting word.....YUM!!!

Here's the link to an earlier post featuring over 50 popsicle recipes!


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