Wednesday, June 8, 2011

{Father's Day Gift} A Pop-Top for a Top-Pop

For day three of our Father's Day Favorite Picks:
 Here's something fun for your Father's Day Gift. Made from something you already have in your pantry....CANS!  It's from the gals over at
Our Best Bites.

 You can make these with any size can you can find with a tab top.  Technically you don’t even need the tab top, but if you’re using my printables you do.  Plus a tab is just way more fun!  I like the little mini cans, the 7-8 oz size, which is about half the size of a standard tin can if you’re trying to visualize.  Look for generic brand fruit in cans this size; they’re super cheap!  Make sure to use cans from something like fruit or fruit juice.  You don’t want the insides of your cute treat cans to smell like chili!
Supplies Needed:
canned fruit with tab tops, suggested size 7-8oz
candies for filling
tissue paper
hot glue gun
decorative paper
side can opener or safety can opener (optional)
The graphics are included within the tutorial (Free Downloads)

Buy Dad's Favorite Treats and select some great paper to decorate the can
Fill the cans with the treats and finish them off with any embellishments you wish.  Find the  complete Tutorial here at the "Our Best Bites" blog. While your there check out some of their delicious recipes!  You got to's a very unique gift!


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