Friday, May 27, 2011

New DIY Project {The White Silk Purse}

Here's a cute DIY Project from one of our friends, Dana from "The White Silk Purse" blog. So cute!

I like to craft, and every now and then I see something that I must do! When I saw this idea it was done with paint. However, this is so easy if you have a vinyl cutting machine (or a friend who will do it for you!). -- I have a new granddaughter who needed her own personalized soap and lotion.... What do you think?  It was fun!  Just remove the labels from the soap and lotion, clean off the sticky residue with this:
The spray is Pure Citrus Orange Room Spray available at  (This magical spray takes sticky off of anything.  It also removes indelible ink and crayon off any hard surface. Smells nice too!)

When the bottles are clean, apply the vinyl and you have a fast, easy personalized baby gift.
Fast, cute, and fun!

Thanks Dana from {The White Silk Purse} What a great idea....and I do happen to know someone who could cut out vinyl for you.......hmmmmm, oh that's right, it's me!  Personalizing things around your home is a lot of fun and easy to do.  

We'd love to hear about the DIY Project you've done!


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