Friday, November 1, 2013

Lots of Thanksgiving Activities to Keep the Kids Busy (and happy) on Turkey Day-Jackson and Molly Turkey

I love the Thanksgiving and friends gathering together to enjoy each other's company.  But if you're preparing the Thanksgiving meal this year, you may not have time to entertain the kids in thew ay that you would like (even if you're going to grandma's)  So we've designed a Thanksgiving collection that's sure to keep the kids creatively busy while mom's busy.  We're calling this collection the Molly and Jackson Turkey Collection!

We used our 3" turkey circles for these placecard/treat boxes.  Personalize for each child.  Name tag measures 1" wide. Our Hershey Nugget wraps are the perfect treat for these placecard boxes. The tutorial for the cute boxes is in our blog.  Click HERE

There are 18 different Nugget Wraps included in the printable. 8 turkey designs and 10 with Thanksgiving sayings.  Click HERE
Tutorial for the placecard box can be found in our blog  Click HERE

 20 different lunchbox notes with 20 different jokes.  I think the kids will look forward to their "Joke of the Day" during the month of November.

Get our lunchbox notes quick so you have time to give out all 20 to the kids
Click HERE 

 Personalize a coloring/activity book for each child (name on front and side of binder)  Fill it with their favorite coloring pages and word games.  We purchased the white binders at Costco. They have a clear sleeve on the front where you can put the personalized printable.   Click HERE  to see over 60 links for coloring book pages and activities for your binder.

Now if you have a coloring book you will need crayons!  Fill a 4" x 6" clear bag with crayons and add our bag topper. (bags are $1.99 for 100 at most craft stores) 10 crayons fit in each bag. Click HERE 

Four different bag toppers are included in the printable.  Each one has a different message.
  Click HERE

 We like to use "Sweet" game pieces like chocolate kisses, candy corns or even M&M's with our Thankful Bingo game.  A number calling sheet is included.  There are 8 unique Bingo sheets in this printable. 

Click HERE to get this Bingo game

You can use these party circles for cupcake toppers, placecard boxes and atop any of your Thanksgiving desserts.  They come in a 3" and a 2" size.  One sheet of 3" circles (6)  and one sheet of 2" circles (6) 

There  are a lot of different ways to use these turkey circles-just use your imagination!
Click HERE

"I'm Thankful" cards come in two different sizes.  You could hang the smaller cards on a Thankful Tree for a fun centerpiece.  Place the larger cards in the center of the dinner plate on both the kids and adults table. Click HERE 

And last but not least are our "Turkey Toes" treat for the kids table.  Fill a 4" x 6" bag with seasonal candy corns and you've got turkey toes!  There are four different designs, print out as many as you need.      Click HERE  

Click HERE to go to our Etsy shop and get some
of these fun Thanksgiving printables for yourself! 

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  1. I LOVE the activity book idea..that would be perfect with my 2yrold and 6yr old..they can do their own thing on their own level. Thank you!!!