Sunday, January 8, 2012

Do you have a Homework Station? Need Ideas for Organizing Kids Homework?

Do you have a Homework Station? You know, a place designated just for homework?  If not we've found some good ideas.  If you have a specific place for everything the kids need to do their homework and then a place to put it when they're're nights and mornings will run a lot smoother!

Avoid a jumbled mess of mail and school papers by setting up a message center and inbox for each family member. Use the area to corral artwork, homework assignments, forms, and magazines as soon as they enter the house. At each week's end, go through the contents of each box; discard old material and file away things you want to keep. SOURCE

If the kids are forever bringing their art supplies into the family room why not make up a art station just for them here.  HERE

Here's a fun and whimsical way to store the younger kids' homework-A place for homework and books!  SOURCE

Just found a short video about organizing kids homework from the author of this book "Go Organize" Her name is Marilyn Bohn and I absolutely learned something from this video. Check it out VIDEO

Is this the most amazing homework station you've ever seen? Just takes up one wall but has space for three children. I see a lot of home getting done here! SOURCE

 Here's a wonderful Children's Homework Message Center-You'll never be disorganized again with this method SOURCE & INSTRUCTIONS

 Here's a homework station that will accomodate 4 children (Could be used as a craft table too) I would love this one in my home! SOURCE

 Ruler Clip Art Rail-Perfect for hanging up the kids homework or artwork and very inexpensive. Head on over to Ana White to get the Instructions.

 It's called a Deluxe Art Center but I would also add Homework Center or Station. Everything your kids need are within arms reach. Excellent! SOURCE

If your homework station includes outlets for a computer, printer or any other electronic device then you'll probably want to hide it all within a ribbon box like this--Yes you can make it. This box is available at the container store-See more info  HERE

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