Saturday, January 7, 2012

Check out these Clever and Unique Headboards You Can Make!

We found some creative and clever ideas for your bedroom decor-You don't have to have a boring headboard any more. All the ideas below are something that can be made from thrift store finds, craft stores or your local home improvement center. I hope they inspire you!

To start the show off is my favorite one of the bunch.  Letters from the craft store make this a very unique headboard Source

 Door turned headboard......A solid pine door is the perfect way to make a bold statement with a headboard.   Source

 I really love the idea of using shutters for a headboard.  See the tutorial HERE

Create an elegant headboard like this one by  putting two shutters together  Source

You could put any picture or artwork on this headboard-Use your imagination!  Source

Make a bold statement with a headboard created from a curtain panel and fabric markers. Source  

 Cozy up your bedroom by unfolding a fireplace screen and hanging it on the wall behind your bed as a headboard  Source

A trio of painted closet doors dresses up a plain bed Source

For a fanciful flourish, paint your own headboard. This handcrafted beauty mimics the ornate scrolls of a wrought-iron version.  This look was created with a two-layered stencil. Look for stencils like this one at your local crafts or hobby store.   Source

 For a new take on an upholstered headboard hang a bench cushion by its ties from wall-mounted hooks.  Source

Create a custom headboard that rises to the occasion by covering an inexpensive artist's canvas with fabric  SOURCE

Two single window panels are the perfect alternative to an ordinary headboard.  SOURCE

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