Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Christmas Cash Gift Idea - Fill a Soda Bottle with CASH - Unique Package! TUTORIAL

So you've got some family and friends that you want to give cash to but want to do it in a fun way!  This is the answer. Just load up a clean soda bottle with cash and watch them try and figure out how to get the money out.  We'll send a tutorial along with the printables.  

Just put the Merry Christmas label on top of your favorite cardstock and adhere to the bottle.  Then add the tag at the neck of the bottle and you're done.  It's such a simple project.

We'll include a 3" label, a 2 ½" label and a 1" label so you can decide which size looks the best for your creation. Just cut out using a round paper punch or scissors.  Punch a hole in the top to thread the ribbon through and tie in a bow.  We added some Washi Tape around the outside of the lid and a round red circle of cardstock on the very top. 

I loved this green color with the label too. You can use a solid paper or one with a design in it.  We filled up this bottle with twenty $1 dollar bills. Just fold them up a bit so they don't all fall to the bottom of the bottle. 

You could also add some other fun die cuts graphics to the top of the bottle. Using a tag and a die cut cardstock shape together around the neck of the bottle is a cute look too. (snowman is not included)

Find your favorite Christmas themed cardstock to back our label. With so many choices you could make a different one for each of your family members!   Since there is no mention of cash on the label you could put any kind of treat inside the bottle. 

We wrapped some Christmas themed Washi tape around the lid and cut out a red circle to go on top of the lid. You could use cardstock instead Washi tape. 

I thought this paper wreath looked very cute too. (wreath is not included) 

Adults and kids alike will think this is such a great gift!  We will include a tutorial for the entire project with the printables.

CLICK HERE to get the printable and make this darling Money Gift for family and friends

Merry Christmas to All!!


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